Why Use Irontite Ceramic Motor Seal?

Because It Works!

Who might need to use Ceramic Motor Seal?

Anyone with a vehicle that has a pressurized cooling system that has a small leak. In most such cases, Ceramic Motor Seal will seal off that leak permanently. After a few days of following a simple process you can avoid a very expensive mechanic bill by treating your vehicle's cooling system with Ceramic Motor Seal.

What makes it special?

It's NOT an additive like so many Stop Leak products on the market. Ceramic Motor Seal is a product used in a procedure that will create a lining inside your vehicle's cooling system, causing a new fully sealed containment area. After the process, you remove as much as you can of the product that remains, and then allow it to air-cure. Once cured you put in new fresh antifreeze. This new coating is extremely durable, improves coolant mixture flow, and improves heat dissipation - things a cooling system additive can not do. Professional Engine Rebuilders have been using this product for over 50 years, Professional Race Team mechanics use it in their high performance race engines to improve it's performance. Are there other products that can make that claim?

Will it damage my engine?

A very valid question. The answer is that it could if used improperly. This was originally designed to be used by professional engine rebuilders, but, if you follow the instructions and use care while performing the processes, there is no concern that any damage will occur. Be aware that if you have a leak that is allowing coolant mixture into any area that has oil or any friction surfaces you should not use Ceramic Motor Seal. The main ingredient in Ceramic Motor Seal is like a very fine sand. If it were to leak into engine oil it would be like putting sand in your engine oil. Not good at all. Ceramic Motor Seal should not be allowed to come into contact with any Antifreeze mixture, as it will react and form a large hard glob that can ruin a radiator or even the engine block.

Like most Professional Grade products, it is powerful and if used in a wrong way, can do powerful damage. Ceramic Motor Seal is so strong that even a small spill onto a painted or chromed surface can cause a blemish that is not removable or repairable. As the saying goes; With great power, comes great responsibility.

What if I don't use it?

For those circumstances where it's not a good choice to use Ceramic Motor Seal the best alternative is to have the full mechanical repair done, which can be rather expensive and leave you without a vehicle for a time. In the case of a small leak to an oil or friction area you could try using an additive product like our Irontite All Weather Seal product.