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Ceramic Motor Seal has been used by performance enthusiasts for over 50 years. Treating an engine with Ceramic Motor Seal will improve the engine cooling performance by as much as 10% providing that extra "edge" every performance engine builder is striving for.

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Coats to Seal Leaks

Unlike other cooling system stop leak products, Ceramic Motor Seal is a professional treatment process that literally forms a thin and extrememly durable coating over all the surfaces in the engine cooling system. Not only sealing gasket leaks, but also metal porousness and small cracks.

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Durable Leak Solution

Properly applied to your engine cooling system the resulting coat is "rock-hard" and will withstand even the most grueling temperatures. It's "glass-smooth" surface promotes better coolant flow which also improves cooling performance.

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A Low Cost Repair

The cost of applying Ceramic Motor Seal is far less than the cost of opening or re-opening an engine that is leaking, or even just weeping coolant from a micro fracture or a porous spot in the casting. It can even stop leaks that may occur from bearing or sleeve replacements. Do yourself a favor and get a bottle now.

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Irontite was born in 1952 to offer to the engine rebuilding industry (machine shops) a Crack Detection and Repair set of products. Our professional detection and cold repair process was widely received. Early in the 1950's the need for a coolant sealant grew out of professional machine shops that repaired castings, cylinder heads and blocks. The machinist required a method to seal off casting imperfections. Irontite developed Ceramic Motor Seal to fill that need.

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Unsolicited comments

  • "Wonder how long it would have held..."

    e-tek, From Saskatoon, SK
  • "The point is, this stuff actually worked."

    BARON VON MIKE, From San Francisco East Bay
  • "I bought a car with a blown head gasket and this stuff sealed it up for six months..."

    ROBS, From Vancouver, BC